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Arapaho Asset Management (AAM) was founded in 2005 by Rachel Namoff and Todd Walker in Silverthorne, CO. In 2007, the company moved to a more centralized Summit County location, Frisco, CO. During 2008, there was rapid growth and the company grew to over 15 employees. During this period, AAM had satellite offices in Denver, Grand Junction, Glenwood Springs, and Aspen.

Also at this time, we analyzed our model and realized we were losing sight of the quality of financial education. We made a conscious choice to refocus on smaller niche financial education and advisement.

In 2009, our headquarters moved to Denver. We let go of the satellite offices and focused on serving the Denver Metro retirement market. From inception to date, Arapaho Asset Management infuses financial education into our financial advising model.

AAM is an independent financial advisory firm specializing in retirement planning and financial education. We help with the financial side of your retirement – as well as with the other little things that may not have occurred to you – to ensure you are ready for your next big adventure!

We look forward to what the future will bring and welcome you to be a part of it.

Our Team
Todd's humble roots come from the Midwest, specifically Indiana and Michigan, and is a featured speaker and advisor on contemporary Fine art at universities, museums and galleries.
Rachel has a vision for Americans to be financially educated and inspired. Her work has taken her all around Colorado. She has been instrumental in bridging the gap between education and financial acumen.
Milt has extensive expertise in the financial services industry. He began his career over 20 years ago in risk management and worked with Institutions at Sammons before coming to AAM.
Kim spontaneously moved to Denver from Illinois – thankfully, that worked out. Denver is now her home. She is a graduate of Arizona State University. Kim has a passion for supporting small business owners and working in a close-knit team.