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What to Expect
What does an AAM financial advisor help with?

– Bonds

– Common Stock

– Managed Accounts

– Third Party Investment

– Advisers

– Mutual Funds

– Brokerage Accounts

– Traditional IRA

– Roth IRA


– Simple IRA

– Treasury Bills

– Government Securities

– Treasury Notes

– Variable Annuity

– Fixed / Fixed Indexed Annuity

– Alternative Investments

Financial & Tax Planning

– Retirement Plans

– Tax Plans

– 401 (k) Planning

– 403 (b) Planning

– College Plans

– Estate Plans

– Money Purchase Plans

– Profit Sharing Plans

– Efficient Tax Strategies

– Pre/Post Retirement Tax – Planning


– Disability Income Insurance

– Life Insurance

– Long Term Care Insurance

– Employee Benefits

– Group Insurance

– Life Insurance

– Voluntary Benefits

Why should I work with an AAM financial advisor?

You have a lot of choices when it comes to selecting someone to help you manage your money. It is an important decision and absolutely necessary that you choose someone you trust. We know that trust has to be earned. We will be straightforward and transparent with you throughout the financial planning process.

There are other people (or computers) who can help you manage your money, but there is more to retirement than just the financial planning. We will work with you, as fellow human beings, to balance the math and the emotions. Along with making sure the money is there, we will help with you with the transition into retirement and what that new way of life means for you. We send you into retirement with peace of mind… and excitement for the next phase of your life!

What differentiates AAM advisors from others?

There are a few things you can count on from us.

We start with financial education. Knowledge is power. We arm you with the knowledge to make sound decisions about your retirement plan.

No pushy sales pitch here. We want to work with people who want to work with us. If you tell us “no” or “not interested,” we will completely respect that.

You are more than just a number. Any recommendations we make are based on your specific retirement goals. We will get to know you and create a plan that will give you the retirement YOU want.

If you are looking for someone in a stuffy suit and tie sitting behind a big mahogany desk, we are probably not your advisors. We like to keep things more laidback around our office. When you stop by to see us, we want it to feel more like visiting a friend. We take our responsibility with your money seriously, of course, but that does not mean we can’t also have a laugh together!

How does the process work?

We call our plan the Predictable Path. Click here to learn more about it.

How do I sign up for a class?

You can register for classes on the Arapahoe Community College website. Click here to sign up now.

Can I meet with an advisor even if I did not attend a class?

Absolutely! If you have not attended a class, we start with an introductory phone call. Click here to schedule one now.

Do you do video conference meetings?

We sure do. We meet with clients in-person, via video conference, or on the phone. Let us know how you would prefer to meet, and we are happy to accommodate.

What to Expect
1 - Get started
We call our plan the Predictable Path. To start the journey, sign up for a class or schedule an intro phone call or video conference. In the class, you will get to know the advisor as an instructor and gain valuable retirement knowledge. For an intro conversation, it is an opportunity for you and the advisor to get to know each other and determine if we are the right people to help you.
2 - Lab
If you take the class, you will sign up for the Lab during the final session. If you have done an intro meeting, the advisor will instruct you on how to schedule. The Lab is a chance to meet with the advisor one-on-one and discuss your personal financial situation. The advisor will review your current accounts, found out what YOU want out of retirement, and answer your questions.
3 - Results
The next step is testing your current retirement plan using our secure income analysis software. We will present your personalized results. You may learn that your current retirement income does or doesn’t work.
4 - Solutions
The advisor presents solutions to any holes in your current retirement plan or improvements that could be made. The advice will be tailored to your specific retirement scenario and goals.
5 - Implementation
If you like the solutions we have offered, we team up to tackle your retirement. We guide you through the entire process of implementing the new strategies, making sure you understand any moves we are making, and answering your questions.
6 - Review
We are here when you need us. You will meet with your advisor at least once a year to review your retirement plan. Your advisor and the AAM team are always available to help, address questions or concerns, and hear any good stories you have to share!

We are transparent and fair with pricing. Like our retirement solutions, pricing is not a one size fits all. When you meet with your advisor, they will break down all costs in simple, make-sense terms.

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